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Yoga is a systematic discipline that teaches us how to be disciplined in life physically and mentally. Without practicing Yoga, we can’t balance our life especially in this modern time where science and covered the whole world and nature and made us forgotten our real selves.

At Charak Yoga in Kathmandu Nepal, we offer Daily Yoga Classes Specially Hath Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga Styles, Teacher Training Courses, Yoga Sadana for a short and long time, regular Yoga Retreats, Yoga Workshops, Yoga Tours and Treks, Private Yoga, Yoga for special needs, different types of Kriys ( Cleansing), and different types of meditation classes. 

Note- Due to lock Down and Pandemic we have been offering Virtual Yoga Classes in Kathmandu Nepal which are open to all levels of Practitioners.  

 What Yoga Experience You are Searching For?

 Our Yoga Master

Words from Kanchan


First of all, I would like to welcome you all to our Yoga Studio in Kathmandu Nepal. I will very proud to share my yogic experience with you all if given opportunity! I am a Yoga Practitioner originally from the Baitadi District, west part of Nepal which is the Boarder of Nepal and Indian Part Uttrakhand which is known as the mother Land of Yoga and Spirituality, moreover Dev Bhumi( Land of God and Goddess). Thanks to my Previous Karma that I got a chance to get birth in a Yogi family from where I got an opportunity to stay and practice yoga and spirituality with Sadhus and Gurus. In this life, I started Yoga at the age of 3 directly being in touch with Guru Gauri Shankar Digamber Puri Maharaj, Dad Mohan Singh, and Uncle Chandra Singh.

All levels Welcome with Pleasure! Namaste

Join Our Popular Nepal Yoga Retreats

We offer regular yoga retreats in Kathmandu Nepal at different locations suitable for all levels. Buddhist Monasteries, Yoga Ashram, Resorts, and Luxurious Villas are our venues for Yoga Retreats in Kathmandu Nepal which are suitable for different types of body types and personalities. In Yoga Retreats We Practice Daily Yoga Classes, Cleansings, meditation, Breath Exercise, Philosophy, Sight-seeing, eating Vegetable food, maintaining silence, and recharging self with NatureTo Join our Yoga Retreats students are requested to deposit 50% of the amount at our Yoga Studios Yoga Shala Patan, Charak Yoga Studio Thamel, Yoga Ashram Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Yoga Retreat

Toki Homestay

2 Days / 1 Night


Monastery Yoga Retreat

Neydo Monastery

3 Days / 2 Nights


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Kanchan Yoga Ashram Thamel

24 Days / 23 Nights