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Yoga in Thamel 

Charak yoga as a Yoga studio in Thamel was established in 2002 with the aim of making yoga accusable to all Travelers as well as Nepalis. Yoga classes in Thamel for all were the main moto in establishing Charak yoga studio in Thamel because that time it was the first yoga studio in Nepal open to all levels for travelers as well as Nepalese. In the course of searching a quality yoga place in Thamel Kanchan(a simple yoga teacher in Nepal) found Charak yoga where he started teaching his yoga style. After teaching yoga at Charak Yoga Studio in Thamel Kanchan was asked for taking over the yoga classes management part and it was accepted by Kanchan and now Kanchan is the in-charge for Charak Yoga studio in Thamel who is an experienced yoga practitioner in Nepal. Now Charak Yoga is a Registered Yoga School in Nepal that has been running Daily Yoga classes in Kathmandu, regular yoga retreats in Nepal, Yoga Teachers training in Nepal and Yoga tours, and treks in Nepal. Open to all levels our yoga studio is a peaceful and perfect place to practice yoga in Thamel.

Join us for the different experiences in yoga in Nepal.

Charak Yoga is a yoga studio located in Thamel, Kathmandu where we practice Daily Yoga classes in different Yoga styles under the guidance of well-experienced yoga teachers from different parts of the world. We also organize yoga workshops at the Charak Yoga center in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Our daily yoga classes run twice a day. They are the best tools for visitors to have short yoga experiences in Nepal. For longer-term visitors, we offer discounted monthly passes. Please contact us if you have any questions as we want to ensure you have a memorable yoga experience in Nepal! 

We also have Yoga Ashram in Kathmandu Nepal where you can join for Yogic Cleansing, Ayurveda classes, Healing Classes, Yoga Teacher Training, Yogic Talk and Classes and especially for Yoga Retreats in Nepal

Namaste and welcome Yogis and Yoginis!

Charak Yoga Studio Guidelines & Etiquette

Please kindly follow our Guidelines and Etiquette to maintain a comfortable and productive studio practice!

  • Our classes begin on time so please kindly come 10-15 minutes before class starts so that you can easily register yourself.
  • No preregistration is needed just come.
  • We provide Yoga mats and other Yoga props at the Studio so please just come in comfortable clothes. Feel free to bring your own props if you prefer.
  • All of our classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes duration unless otherwise noted.
  • Please kindly pay at the reception desk before the class starts.
  • Please kindly show your membership to the reception if you are a member of our Yoga Studio.
  • Please kindly be patient and kind to our staff and teacher.
  • If you are a student or doing any kind of volunteering in Nepal please show your valid ID card to get your discounted price.
  • Please kindly be punctual.
  • Please kindly turn off your mobile while practicing Yoga and of course no selfies or photos during class. Feel free to take selfies or photos after class! 
  • Please kindly maintain the salience during the class and practice as instructed by our Yoga instructor so that other students will not feel discomfort.

Thank You, 

Charak Yoga Team