Our Yoga Master

Words from Kanchan


First of all, I would like to welcome you all at our Yoga Studio in Kathmandu Nepal. I will very proud to share my yogic experience with you all if given opportunity! I am a Yoga Practitioner originally from Baitadi District, west part of Nepal which is the Boarder of Nepal and Indian Part Uttrakhand which is known as the mother Land of Yoga and Spirituality, more over Dev Bhumi( Land of God and Goddess). Thanks to my Previous Karma that I got chance to get birth in a Yogi family from where I got an opportunity to stay and practice yoga and spirituality with Sadhus and Gurus. In this life I started Yoga at the age of 3 directly being in touch with Guru Gauri Shankar Digamber Puri Maharaj, Dad Mohan Singh and Uncle Chandra Singh. Yoga is eternal and deep!  The more I explain the more there is to explain! So here in a easy way I would like to say as per my understanding and experience more than 30 years in Yoga and spiritual journey. Yoga is a practice to make us phsically stable, mentally calm and spiritually connected with higher self. In the course of Practice, one has to go through a dedicated discipline to achieve the success. Yoga is not the Science of Jumping and running rather it is a practice to go inside being stable. Nothing is going happen with jumping and running because life already has experience of lots of ups and downs, so let’s make our Physical body stable and subtle body light where the energy or soul get chance to be united with the higher soul which is full of Purity, unconditional love, kindness, purity and eternal peace. Join Us to know and Practice Yoga and to be inspired to make Yoga as a daily in Your life which will help you to be stable physically and mentally in this life! For knowing what we offering under Yoga in Nepal please contact Kanchan directly emailing – kanchanthagunna@gmail.com

All levels Welcome with Pleasure! Namaste