Yoga is the best tool for physical and mental relaxation. It is always good to go to the right place for Yoga Retreats. There are lots of Yoga retreats places around the world but why Yoga Retreats in Nepal is the important question? Nepal is the land of Yoga Sadana (Yogic Practice) and also It is Called the Land of Tantra as the Tantra is the Origin of all . Even the Highest/greatest Yoga Gurus they have spent there Sadan(Yogic Practice) in Nepal for example Guru Goraknath to Swami Ram , Guru Ghatal Baba to Khaptad baba they all have ben Famous  YOGIES in Nepal and around the world.

Nepal is the Perfect Place for Buddhist and Hinduism knowledge and the Yoga, meditation and Tantra are the key points in Buddhism and Hinduism. In Nepal mainly around the Kathmandu Hills after landing you have such a beautiful experience waiting if you come to the right pace for YOGA AND MEDITATION RETREATS IN NEPAL.  Kanchan Yoga and Charak yoga take you to the Buddhist monasteries to give you a Buddhist experience and secret practice of Hinduism. 2 nights 3 days are the best time to spend time in Katmandu retreats where you are taken outside the city on mountains and get involved into such practice where BODAY, BREATH and MIDN and relaxed and you are refreshed and rejuvenated with Pure food, calm and relaxed sleep and yogic practice.