Singing Bowl Therapy

Singing Bowl Therapy is one of the traditional Methods of Healing. Join our Healing Masters to Be Healed and also to get Trining

Sound Healing Nepal

Sound Healing Nepal, or Singing Bowl Therapy in Nepal, is one of the best-known therapies in Nepal. It is also known as sound healing therapy. The singing bowl is an instrument made of metal that produces different sounds with different combinations of metal. Research has shown that singing bowl therapy is used to remove negative energies and replace positive energies. The sound has vibrating powers that activate chakras and balance.

We offer singing bowl therapy classes in our studio in Thamel, Kathmandu. Join us to have the best experience of singing bowl therapy with our well-known masters from the Himalayas.


60 Minutes $30

75 Minutes Session $35

90 minutes Session $40


For beginner-level to advanced-level training in soul healing, please kindly click the link below.

Sound Healing Training in Nepal

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